Perkins for Mayor 2020 Formal Announcement
Announcing James Perkins, Jr. is entering the 2020 mayoral race in Selma, AL

It is with great humility and eager anticipation I announce my candidacy for mayor in the City of
Selma. The citizens have convinced me they understand going back to re-elect me as mayor is
not going backwards, but a real step towards restoring order and progress within the city.

With me, the matter is simple. I have been given the gift of vision for and knowledge of our city.
I understand our problems and I clearly see the solutions to our problems. I am convinced this
gift was given to me to offer to Selma. I am simply offering the gift and giving citizens the
opportunity to either accept or reject the gift.

Our beloved Selma is in real trouble. Because of my passion and love for the community, I
cannot stand by, watch us needlessly suffer, and do nothing. I feel if I do not make the offer then
I will be contributing to our problems.

And so, Selma, once again, I make the offer with the hope that you accept the gift and allow me
the opportunity to be your servant leader.

Lastly, I am not perfect, none of us are. I have my faults, we all do. I am not a social butterfly.
My speech is straight forward. I tend to think ahead, which often makes me misunderstood.
Despite my faults, my professional background and training uniquely qualifies me to provide the
competent management and servant leadership needed in our community. I truly care about our
community and all its people. I have proven ability to recruit businesses, demonstrated ability
to manage our government and support our education systems, and made tough decisions while
standing on Godly principles. I am committed to be a servant leader of all the people; to
represent Selma locally, nationally, and internationally with honor and respect; and to lead us
beyond our current brokenness.

Selma, Let’s fix This!

I am available, call me (334) 413-7417

Note: Perkins served as mayor of Selma for two terms between 2000 – 2008.